• Nick Beaugeard

Platform Locked

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Just like the Millennium Falcon Lego kit of my youth, we now have all the pieces we need to build the platform. There are a few things to tidy up, but we are just starting End to End Testing.

So what's happening in June...

1. We're finishing the integration of X509 Certificates instead of custom addresses and key pairs!

2. We're finishing our data API to be able to deliver applications without worrying about nodes or IndexedDB

3. We're implementing the new User Experience following end user feedback

We've also just started to talk to customers and investors. My favorite quotes are:

"You're totally different - that's cool" - Major Big 4 Australian Bank

"Yeah, I can see that, that's super clever" - Major Australian Publisher

"I get it. So will everyone. We'll all want one" - Head of MS Consulting, San Francisco - Major Consulting House

"We've just gone server-less, I now want to go Unblocked" - CTO, $200M US Listed Software Company

We're now in the final stages of shipping and finding our first round of investors - this is a special and very busy place to be...

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