• Nick Beaugeard

Performance and Scale Woes

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

We want to run fast, and to scale to millions, if not billions of users. Whilst we have a blockchain node, running in a browser, we're hitting performance issues...

Testing shows that if a user has to manage more than 1,000 transactions individually or their node needs to manage more than 5,000 blocks, on a normal smartphone, everything grinds to a halt.

Investigating, we think we've found the issue. Basically its one of persistence. A node needs to store data, including the block-chain and messages (transactions) for the user. While this is Ok, the two easiest storage locations are Local Storage or Session Storage. Both of these are super limited in size.

I guess we could store it all in RAM, but we're bound to hit limits at some stage.

I just want a node to run on a phone... if only there was a browser based database...

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