• Nick Beaugeard

Nodes are talking

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Our nodes need to talk to each other, but to do that, we have to accept circumstances are very different to every other block-chain or distributed ledger out there..

The reason we are different is because we want the node to run on any device.We need our users to be close to the action, and we want our system to run without any central infrastructure.

That means nodes need to talk on public WiFi, private WiFi, corporate networks, big data centers and mobile networks.

Each of these have one thing in common - NAT or Network Address Translation - getting data out and back to you is fine, but getting someone external to initiate a conversation, well that's a no-go.

Ignoring the very valid security reasons why, we needed a way round this.

The answer is in two acronyms, STUN and TURN. Just to suffice, we have to serverless STUN and TURN servers now built which support the network conversations of any of our devices.

This doesn't change the peer to peer nature of what we do, it just means it can now work!

Nodes are a talkin' ....

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