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It's a platform

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

It's official - We're no longer just building As we worked out performance, networking and data issues to solve the problem, we've discovered an amazing platform for delivering stupendous distributed applications..

So add this up:

1. We're using Microsoft Blazor which means there is no server side (we serve our apps from a flat-file server, everything runs client side, in WebAssembly)

2. We can communicate between every device, using our distributed ledger and our nodes.

3. We have an awesome No-SQL database in IndexedDB.

It doesn't take a huge leap of faith to think, if we just wrap this together in a set of well known APIs, we can provide an application platform for anyone.

Now developing a platform is different to writing an app. We need a lot more discipline. So we're going to hire a gun test lead to ensure we have a great quality product when it ships.

So, the team will complete a working version of at 0.9.0 and then fork to produce our 1.0 software, built on the brand new platform. How Exciting!


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