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Updated: Jul 29, 2019

OK. It's done. We have an MVP (Minimum viable product) for It's on a legacy platform as we're building the new one (we're calling it the Unblocked platform), but its up and it works.

We've done about 1,000 blocks and about 4,000 messages and it holds up fine. It works on PC, Mac, Phone, Tablet, Android, iPhone and more and supports voice and video messaging!

It's a thing of great proof of concept.

But now we get serious.

While the team's off developing the new platform, our new UX lead, Brian is going to spend time with real potential users and develop an amazing User Experience for Swiitch. While he does this, we're going to go off and work to finish and load test the platform so we can build the next version of on it.

However it works, it demos well and we're now into the next round...


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