Empowering business through distributed applications

Block & Chain is a Sydney based startup that has designed a brand new distributed computing platform from the ground up.


The Unblocked Platform can be used to develop distributed computing solutions, in hours.


No new languages to learn or developer skills to attain, if you have built apps before, this will be a breeze.



Peer to Peer Platforms

No DevOps Required

Software Development

Web 3.0 Development 

Mobile Development


Ideation Workshops 
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From Swiitch to 


In 2018, we set out to solve the pain of updating our credit and debit card details with businesses who have it on file.


We’ve all been there. We lose a card, or it was stolen. Our current card expires, or maybe we change banks. Then, all that work begins to update everyone.

We've now solved for that, and that product is called Swiit.ch. 


On the way there, we realised we developed a revolutionary new platform for software.


So became the Unblocked Platform, which powers Swiit.ch and will a whole new generation of distributed applications.

Rapid delivery of secure smart, distributed applications.

Enabling cardholders to switch their recurring card payment details, in a snap.